La Pesca Pura Vida

No two days on the water are the same. There are trophy catches and fishless days; bluebird skies and blustery squalls. They are all part of an angler's story, at least for those who recognize a bad day on the water is still better than one off it.

The highs and lows of fishing teach us to ride the wave, and the captains, mates, and everyday Costa Rican citizens have a phrase for such a mindset – "Pura Vida." Those two words are more of a cultural ethos than a casual expression, and a reminder to remain smiling, thankful, and to never sweat the small stuff.

For the crews and anglers of Los Sueños, the good days far outweigh the bad. Nestled inside a small nook of Playa Herradura, Costa Rica's Los Sueños Resort and Marina serves as a luxury embarkation point for some of the world's most heralded bluewater fishing. Many places tout similar claims, but numbers don't lie: It is common for a single boat to release over a dozen marlin in a single day, and the area holds perhaps the largest concentrations of big Pacific sailfish anywhere. For this reason, crews from around the globe convene in Los Sueños annually for The Signature Triple Crown, one of the most competitive and coveted sportfishing tournaments ever. If that isn't tempting enough, fifty-pound roosters and massive dorado can be found blitzing bait balls nearshore, and yellowfin are present year-round.

Without surprise, the area's immense fishery has attracted the very best in crews and charter boats, none more widely regarded than Maverick Sportfish Charters and their Fly Boats lineup. Maverick represents a fleet of cold-molded yachts and charter boats designed to marry function and luxury, where every minor detail is meticulously considered to both provide an unforgettable experience and improve the odds of landing big game fish.

Representing the Maverick all-star fleet is a privilege not lost on the crews who make their charter business tick. Many of the crew come from neighboring towns where opportunities for growth and advancement are limited. "Being in this industry really changed my life and the people who surround me. My community, my friends… my entire life has been changed by sportfishing," notes one mate.

His sentiments ring true for those who recognize fishing is not just a sport or hobby, but the beating heart of a life well lived. And while most of us will not step foot on the Los Sueños dock tomorrow morning in those precious, electric moments before departure, we will all be dreaming of it. And whether we arrive back at the dock weighed down with flags or empty-handed, we wouldn't take back that dream – for that's the life, or better yet – that's pura vida.

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