With a legacy of leadership in marine conservation, we take great pride in an unwavering commitment to helping preserve our fishing resources.

What We're Striving For

By 2025, our goal is for AFTCO performance clothing, fishing tackle, marketing materials, and product packaging to have less of an impact on the health of fish and their habitats.

Using Recycled Materials

Using recycled materials in our products and packaging helps reduce waste, eases pressures on freshwater resources, and lowers demand for virgin resources.

Reducing Reliance on Single-Use Plastics

Reducing our reliance on single-use plastics and eliminating unnecessary plastic in our products and packaging reduces land-based sources of plastic pollution.

Sustainability Initiatives


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Product Innovation

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AFTCO and the Shedd family contribute at least 10% of company profits towards organizations and causes working to conserve our oceans, waterways, and fish populations while protecting angler rights and public access to these resources.