Bass Boot Camp 2024 Ep. 2: Ouachita

Tucked away in the heart of Arkansas lies Lake Ouachita, a true proving ground for bass anglers looking to pit their skills against nature's elements. This expansive reservoir offers a varied landscape of shallow flats and deep drop-offs, presenting abundant opportunities for both seasoned pros and newcomers alike. Yet, mastering Lake Ouachita is no small feat, with its ever-changing weather patterns capable of throwing even the most seasoned anglers off course. Undeterred by these challenges, Emil showcased his fishing prowess, emerging with a commendable 24th place finish overall. Now, with his sights firmly set on the next event, Emil eagerly prepares to take on Santee Cooper this weekend, fueled by his relentless pursuit of bass fishing excellence.

Next stop for Episode 3: Santee Cooper Lakes in Clarendon County, South Carolina.

Emil Wagner at Lake Ouachita

Photo by Andy Crawford on