AFTCO, like our founding Chairman Milt Shedd, has never shied away from a good fight. We work to provide on the ground support, time, and funding to advocacy partners working towards legislative victories. Through partnerships with recreational fishing advocates, AFTCO has helped to eliminate gillnets off the California coastline, worked to pass and promote appropriate regulation, and helped eliminate destructive industrial fishing practices.

Elimination of Gillnets

In 1990, AFTCO played a key role in helping California ban of nearshore set gillnets. Not only did this effort bring about the recovery of halibut, white seabass, and other species, but it also helped set a precedent that led to subsequent net bans in Florida and other states. More recently in 2019, Bill Shedd and AFTCO worked with others in the sportfishing and environmental communities to help educate legislators on why the final gillnet loophole — the use of drift gill nets in California — should be closed.

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Defeating the Long Lines

Anglers and conservation groups continue to battle the destructive affects of the established longline commercial fishing industry on the East Coast, Gulf Coast, and in Hawaii. Some 20 years ago, AFTCO was successful in preventing the longliners from practicing their trade in California.

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Protection of Responsible Fishing Access

We believe our country's outdoor heritage is worth protecting. AFTCO supports recreational fishing access and policies that provide responsible recreational outdoor exposure to all citizens. We are committed to supporting organizations that give a voice to rights of those anglers. AFTCO is also committed to providing funding and grassroots leadership to ensure the voice of anglers are heard.

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