Storabutt Parts

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#SB2 50-lb. Straight .875" .970" SB2
#SB2 50-lb. Curved .875" .970" SBC2
#SB2 50-lb. Straight, Short .875" .970" SBS2
#SB2 50-lb. Curved, Short .875" .970" SBSC2
#SB4 80-lb. Straight 1.000" 1.133" SB4
#SB4 80-lb. Curved 1.000" 1.133" SBC4
#SB4 80-lb. Curved, Short 1.000" 1.133" SBSC4
#SB6 130-lb. Straight 1.188" 1.336" SB6
#SB6 130-lb. Curved 1.188" 1.336" SBC6
#SB2 Seat Only SBEAT2
#SB2 Butt Only SBUTT2
#SB2 Short Butt Only SBUTTS2
#SB2 Short, Curved Butt Only SBUTTSC2
#SB4 Seat Only SBEAT4
#SB4 Butt Only SBUTT4
#SB4 Curved Butt Only SBUTTC4
#SB4 Short, Curved Butt Only SBUTTSC4
#SB6 Seat Only SBEAT6
#SB6 Butt Only SBUTT6
#SB6 Curved Butt Only SBUTTC6



Storabutt Parts

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Color: SBSEAT2/Black
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The AFTCO Storabutt® has all of the characteristics of the AFTCO Unibutt®, but with the advantage of being able to separate the reel seat from the rod butt for easy storage. The reel seat is a ferruled at both ends to permit removal of the butt section of your rod without having to also remove your reel, which would otherwise disturb your terminal tackle.  This makes it easier to store rods, particularly those with curved butts, on boats where storage space is at a premium. The Storabutt® is available in either curved or straight models for 50-lb to 130-lb class rods.

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  • 50-lb to 130-lb line
  • Unique two-piece unit
  • Swaging process to improve strength