The Best Cooling Fishing Shirt You Need

The Best Cooling Fishing Shirt You Need

There aren’t many ways to improve a sun protection fishing shirt. UPF 50 blocks 98% of the sun’s harmful UV rays, so there isn’t much better that can be done. Besides, isn’t that the main reason you want a sun protection shirt? The product development team at AFTCO set out to find a way to push the needle when it comes to sun protection clothing and has succeeded with the Adapt Performance Fishing Shirt.

 Within the last 10 years, it has been realized how important sun protection is. There has also been more and more confusion on why sun protection clothing works. AFTCO sun protection clothing already fits the bill with many styles ranging from an affordable sun protection shirt in the Samurai and Samurai hood that provides UPF 50 sun protection in a more simple blank, all the way to the Barracuda Geo Cool™ fishing shirt that provides cooling technology to the angler keeping them cool in the hot summer. The next step was finding a shirt that can be the best fishing shirt to wear year-round, and the Adapt was the solution.

What makes Adapt the Best Fishing Shirt?

Adapt was designed to be the most versatile fishing shirt you will wear. With the phase change technology, you will always be comfortable when out on the water. Phase Change refers to the intuitive temperature regulating technology, designed by Optimer, that is infused in the Adapt Fabric. In the same way a warm-blooded human performs thermoregulation, the Adapt Fishing Shirt will regulate your body heat to keep you at a reasonable level throughout the day regardless of the outside temperature. The fabric is designed to reuse, restore and recycle the body’s thermal energy. 

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Adapt Phase Change Shirt

 The shirt accomplishes this using the Adapt Phase Change technology that reacts to the heat being emitted by your body. When you put on your Adapt fishing shirt, the shirt starts working on absorbing your body heat. It takes this body heat and stores it inside the fabric itself in a useable and undetectable form. When you get out on the lake, you’re wearing your Adapt underneath your AFTCO Reaper and when the morning chill hits you, the stored energy from your shirt is released providing you with extra body heat to help warm you up. In the colder temperatures, Adapt will not replace outerwear but it will assist in keeping you warmer longer. When the temperatures increase throughout the day, you can take off your Reaper and the shirt will utilize the warmth you created in case there's a breeze or you move into a shadow. Once the temperature increases enough though, the shirt transitions to absorbing and storing the heat from your body again, this time keeping it off your body so you don’t overheat.

This is what makes the Adapt Fishing Shirt the most versatile and best fishing shirt in the fishing clothing market now. As a base layer, you can now have a fishing shirt that keeps you warm but will also be the perfect standalone long sleeve fishing shirt that will keep you cool in the heat. Whether the temperature stays cold, or it was 85 degrees when you walk out the door, the Adapt will be the perfect shirt for you.

Adapt can be found in a Men’s Adapt Fishing Shirt, a Women’s Adapt Fishing shirt as well as a Tactical Camo Adapt Fishing shirt.