October 6, 2022

AFTCO X IKE Collection


AFTCO is excited to announce a curated collection in collaboration with Mike Iaconelli (IKE). Mike Iaconelli has been making a name for himself since the 1990s in the Bass Fishing World with his energetic displays of passion for the game of bass fishing. With such passion, Ike has created a brand, a charity foundation, a fishing university, and a successful podcast, ALL while being a heck of a stick on the water.

IKE has coordinated the perfect items to represent his brand and look and feel good on the water. “Man, I’m so proud of this project.” Iaconelli exclaims, “What we tried to do is embody fishing from a different perspective.” This project aimed to bring AFTCO’s successful apparel technologies together with Ikes Passion ad aesthetic brand. But the “kicker”, as Mike says, is that a portion of every piece of clothing from the AFTCO X IKE clothing line will be going to the Ike Foundation that will ultimately help get more kids fishing. Something we can all get behind.


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