Wanted: White Seabass Heads for Fisheries Research

Wanted: White Seabass Heads for Fisheries Research

Want to help researchers learn more about white seabass to better help us as anglers? The Hubbs-SeaWorld Research Institute (HSWRI) needs your help with new white seabass studies by collecting the heads of the seabass you are already catching.
HSWRI is attempting to collect 1,000 white seabass heads from legal length fish caught in US waters. They are collecting these from July 1, 2022, to August 31, 2022. The purpose of this program is to use the heads to test genetic variation in the white seabass population to determine a more accurate number for how many fish are hatchery reared.
You may be familiar with the recent white seabass study, and these genetic tests will be used to further support the preliminary evidence that show hatchery fish may be contributing to around 30% of the wild population.

How to Help With White Seabass Studies

HSWRI is collecting 1,000 white seabass heads from Santa Barbara down to San Diego. With many landings around Southern California and over 23 head collections sites, wherever you are fishing, chances are you can find a head drop-off location nearby.
For more information and to find your nearest drop-off location, visit the CCA White Sea Bass Head Collection Incentive. Along with the satisfaction of knowing your catch is being used to help support fisheries research, you will also receive a $25 aftco.com gift card.

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Submitting Your Seabass Head

The only necessary part is the head severed from the spine. Although many people like to keep the otoliths, these are needed to measure the age of the fish and are required with the submission.

White Seabass Head


AFTCO's support of CCA started many years ago and continues on via incentive programs and cash donations through our 10% pledge. When Milt Shedd founded Hubbs-SeaWorld Research Institute, it was with the realization that we as humans need to find ways to build up the stocks of species that we heavily fish. After inspiration from CCA's work in Texas, CCA California was formed by Shedd and other industry leaders.