AFTCO Goes Big in Year 4 of AFTCO X BASS Conservation Grant

AFTCO Goes Big in Year 4 of AFTCO X BASS Conservation Grant

Santa Ana, Ca. – AFTCO is proud to announce the fourth year of conservation grants in collaboration with B.A.S.S.. These Conservation Grants are available to all BASS Nation Chapters around the country looking to perform conservation minded projects within their community and waterways.

“With a long history of conservation minded initiatives, AFTCO is always looking for opportunities to help provide direct fishery improvements and partnering with Gene Gilliland and B.A.S.S. made complete sense”, said Casey Shedd, President of AFTCO. “Over the course of the last four years we have donated over 60,000 dollars, 20,000 dollars this year alone”.

AFTCO is providing funds to 5 projects around the nation. The 5 grantees are as follows.


Leavenworth Bass Club (Kansas BASS Federation) – The Leavenworth Bass Club will purchase and re-establish Water Willow into Hillsdale Lake, Kansas. They will then monitor the habitat for micro and macro organisms, amphibians, birds, and most importantly, fish. 

Nebraska BASS Federation – The Nebraska Bass Federation will plan to install 25 to 30 artificial tree structures in a variety of city and state owned lakes across Nebraska that lack fish habitat and structure. Youth groups will predominately perform this work and while at each lake, they will also perform a lake cleanup utilizing AFTCO’s Bank Bags.

Kentucky Bass Nation – The Kentucky Bass Nation will be planting Cypress trees on predetermined shorelines in Lake Barkley. Cypress trees provide stability to shorelines reducing erosion as well as increase habitat for organisms and sportfish.

Virginia Bass Nation – VA Bass nation's goal is to partner with local high school agriculture programs, such as Pulaski County High School, to propagate plants and assist in restoration efforts improving local aquatic ecosystems. Students will learn about opportunities in plant biology all while contributing to direct improvements for the local fisheries.

Illinois Bass Nation – Illinois Bass Nation is working this year on creating and deploying fish habitats in local lakes around Silver Springs Illinois. These lakes, two largest being Big Lake and Beaver lake, receive significant fishing pressure and lack structure and fish habitat. They Plan to deploy fish haven artificial structures as well as cubes and blocks.


“AFTCO is very excited about the 2021 grantees.” Said Seth Meyer, Conservation and Content Coordinator at AFTCO. “These projects really focus on direct improvements to the fisheries. Whether it be fish habitats or planting native vegetation, these projects are set to increase the abundance of fish in the lakes. Something we can all get behind!”

In 2020, AFTCO funded 5 projects as well totaling 18,000 dollars donated. With 2020 being the year it was, AFTCO was very excited to see BASS Nation Chapters so eager to continue to do good work around lakes and waterways. All projects were set to create or purchase structures and fish havens that would be deployed in local lakes. Many projects were successful even with the hardships of 2020 and we commend these projects for their determination.

The Conservation Grants for 2021 come simultaneously with AFTCO’s continued efforts to put our Fisheries First. The Fisheries First Sustainability pledge is AFTCO’s pledge to reducing their environmental impact on the oceans, river, lakes and land that support our fisheries. This includes goals of utilizing recycled materials in clothing, hang tags, paper and tradeshow booths.

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