Spring 2022 Collection

On the Water Essentials

All-new arrivals featuring fresh additions to the lineup and seasonal updates to our best-sellers.


Rescue ECONYL®

The full Rescue line is AFTCO’s dive into regenerated fabrics made by ECONYL®. ECONYL® regenerated nylon is made from new and recycled nylon 6 waste such as fabric scraps, decommissioned fishing nets, and other materials. Normally, nylon has a significant detrimental impact on the environment. Using ECONYL® recycled base materials helps reduce these effects, utilizing less water in the manufacturing process, and ultimately generating less waste.


Adapt Phase Change

Adapt was designed to be the most versatile fishing shirt you will wear. With the phase change technology, you will always be comfortable when out on the water. In the same way a warm-blooded human performs thermoregulation, the Adapt Fishing Shirt will regulate your body heat to keep you at a reasonable level throughout the day regardless of the outside temperature. The fabric is designed to reuse, restore and recycle the body’s thermal energy.