Absorbent Pads

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Absorbent Pads

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Fish care does not stop once you clean and filet your fish. When refrigerating and freezing fish, bacteria continue to grow and multiply in any kind of moisture. AFTCO’s new absorbent pads will absorb that moisture whether you plan to cook the fish the next day or two months from now. Soaking up bacteria results in a fresher, less fishy, delicious filet that you will enjoy much more than before. Perfect sized to fit in a gallon ziplock and can be folded to fit other size bags.


  • FDA approved for direct contact with fish
  • Keeps fillets free of blood and moisture
  • Preserves the quality of your catch
  • Keeps your catch fresher longer
  • Helps avoid “Fishy Taste”
  • Absorbent rating of 375g
  • Qty 10 per bag

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