How to Rig a Wind on Leader

How to Rig a Wind on Leader

When battling heavyweight game fish, using the right gear can mean the difference between landing a trophy catch or losing it. Wind-on leaders give anglers a critical edge to subdue feisty fish that make blistering runs and put up vigorous fights right at the boat.

Built from sturdy fluorocarbon material, Saiko Pro wind-on leaders stand out for their strength, abrasion resistance, and invisibility to fish.

Wind-on leaders can offer substantial advantages over conventional leaders. We’ll walk through the key steps for attaching a Saiko Pro wind-on leader using the recommended loop-to-loop connection.

Choosing Your Wind-On Leader

Saiko wind-ons come in 12- to 15-foot sections ranging from 40- to 300-pound test. The 40- to 80-pound options are available in IGFA-legal 15-foot sections. The heavier wind-ons in 100- to 300-pound test are available in 12-foot sections.

For most offshore fishing, the 80-pound wind-on delivers a good balance of strength and casting ability. The clean, low-profile whippings ensure the wind-on slides smoothly through roller guides and outrigger gear without hanging up.

Building the Loop-to-Loop Connection

To secure a Saiko Pro wind-on leader, use a double line on your mainline, preferably a Bimini. Take the Bimini section and feed it through the pre-whipped loop in the leader, passing over the entire coil.

Here's a step-by-step guide to tying on your Saiko wind-on:

  1. Prep about six feet of double line on the main line using a Bimini twist or spider hitch. This knot forms a shock-absorbing loop to link with the wind-on loop.
  2. Thread the main line loop up through the pre-tied loop on your Saiko Pro wind-on leader.
  3. Bring the main line loop back over the coiled section of wind-on leader and pull tight. The coils should feed cleanly through the main line loop.
  4. For extra strength, repeat one more time by tying another loop and pulling the wind-on back through. The result should be a tight loop-to-loop connector with no twisting in the wind-on leader.

Connecting the Dots to Landing Trophies

A quality wind-on leader gives you an edge when targeting big game offshore.

Saiko Pro sturdy fluorocarbon stands up to large species. Combined with the right tackle and solid boat handling, wind-ons can maximize your chances when battling big fish.

Take time to build a reliable loop-to-loop connection. Check periodically for wear and re-tie leaders as needed. Follow these best practices and a trophy catch could soon be on the other end of your line.

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