Isla Boca Brava

"One of the really cool things about being here is this commitment to preservation. They realize that this fishery is a really special thing. It's just beautiful to see that there are still places like this in the world."
- Benny Ortiz

Isla Boca Brava Photo Grid

Panama is known for its world-class and virtually untouched fisheries. Isla Boca Brava is no exception. We assembled a dream team of anglers from all over the U.S. to test their specialized fishing techniques on the trip of a lifetime. Follow Mike Roy, Benny Ortiz, and Brandon Nelson as they head down to Tucan Lodge and meet up with Juan Spragge of Tucan Lodge Panama for a few days on the water they won’t soon forget.

Hop on board for all of the action in our latest AFTCO Original Film, “Isla Boca Brava.”

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