December 31, 2021

2021 Conservation Recap: $548K in Contributions

With 2021 nearing an end, we'd like to take a moment to highlight some of the amazing conservation efforts that took place over the past year.

A lot of good was done for fishing conservation this year thanks to customers like you. Every year through our 10% Pledge to Protect and Conserve, AFTCO and the Shedd Family contribute at least 10% of company profits towards fishing conservation, protecting our resources, and ensuring future generations have access to a sustainable fishery. In 2021, this resulted in $548,000. Here are our three largest financial contributions:


Coastal Conservation Association (CCA)

$139,900 donated to CCA state and national chapters in support of their mission of ensuring the health and conservation of our marine resources and anglers' access to them.


Keep America Fishing

$75,000 donated in support of fishing advocacy efforts. Through policy, science, and conservation, the Government Affairs team of the American Sportfishing Association (ASA) works to minimize access restrictions, promote clean waters, and restore fish populations.


Hubbs-SeaWorld Research Institute (HSWRI)

$75,000 donated. In 2021, HSWRI released 90,000 fish into the ocean for replenishment through their Carlsbad Hatchery and published 19 scientific research papers among many other achievements.

Our Conservation Partners


AFTCO continued to support B.A.S.S. Nation grassroot efforts with $20,000 in conservation grants going to clubs looking to make their local fisheries better through habitat creation and restoration projects. This year, volunteer groups planted cypress trees to provide fish habitat and mitigate shoreline erosion.


One component of the 10% Pledge is protecting angler rights and reasonable public access to a sustainable resource. In that regard, we spend a considerable amount of time on 30x30 issues. We have compiled scientific research expressing the need for governmental bodies to consider sport anglers in their decisions and outlined possible solutions to fishery biodiversity issues. This effort was supported by fishing conservation groups around the country. Learn more about 30x30 here.


Additional Accomplishments We're Proud Of

We scored big at ICAST 2021, sweeping the apparel category with all four best of category awards. We also took strides towards becoming more sustainable to reduce our environmental impact on the oceans, rivers, lakes, and land that support our fisheries. In 2022, we will utilize recycled and sustainable fabrics, hang tags, and trims in our clothing, and take considerable efforts to reduce energy and waste at our headquarters. These goals will help to mitigate our landfill footprint, improve water quality, slow ocean plastic pollution, and lower carbon emissions.

Go to $548,000 for Sportfishing in 2021: How We Got There
$548,000 for Sportfishing in 2021: How We Got There

$548,000 for Sportfishing in 2021: How We Got There

$548,000 for Sportfishing in 2021: How We Got There

How Does AFTCO Determine 10% Pledge Partners & Projects?

The basic buckets for our 10% support fall into these categories: fishing conservation advocacy, saltwater habitat, freshwater habitat, fish hatcheries, protecting public fishing access, youth fishing engagement and education, clean water, scientific research, and fish tagging. Some of AFTCO's donations are project-based, and some go to support the overall mission of our partners.

How Are Donations Accounted For?

Our 10% Pledge model dictates that the more successful our business is in a year, the larger our contribution. AFTCO's annual donation goal is equivalent to at least 10% of total company profits as represented on company financial statements. In 2021, the Peggie Shedd Marine Trust made a $50,000 donation on behalf of the Shedd family who owns AFTCO.

The Value of Donated Time and Product Is Not Included in This Total

AFTCO often provides support through the donation of time and product. In 2021, we conservatively estimate that we contributed approximately $80,000 of inline retail product to support the mission of our partners. Additionally, AFTCO staff donates a considerable amount of both personal and employee time towards conservation and sustainability efforts, including volunteering at fish hatcheries, CCA events, and cleanup events. We do not formally track or assign a monetary value to these efforts. AFTCO Chairman Bill Shedd has spent over 400 hours a year on conservation and fishing access issues for 40+ years.

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