30x30 is an effort to conserve at least thirty percent of America’s land and water by the year 2030. AFTCO supports 30x30 goals that lead to increased habitat protection in order to provide a meaningful benefit to resource biodiversity and the sport of recreational fishing. We also want to ensure that the 55 million anglers in the U.S. are not denied access to fishable waters in cases where there is little proven benefit to the fishery. We stress the need to look at the science over symbolism when considering potential angler restrictions.

Below are links to articles highlighting important 30x30 topics for the sportfishing community. You will find explanations why anglers care so much about fishing conservation and what tactics have worked to increase fish populations. Several articles point out that No-Catch Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) do not provide meaningful benefits to fisheries productivity in U.S. waters. Others address how a preservationist focus and inaccurate data models have been used to incorrectly justify No-Fishing MPAs as the panacea for managing fisheries. These steer us towards science-backed solutions for furthering the goals of 30x30 by increasing fisheries management practices in order to protect fish populations and habitat biodiversity.

1. The Science Behind 30x30

Coastal Conservation Association

An examination of no-fishing MPAs, and a look at the role of fishery management.

2. Fishing Compliments Conservation

American Sportfishing Association

How 30x30 can both achieve biodiversity protection and benefit the fishing public.

3. U.S. No-Fishing MPAs Are Not the Solution


The science that explains why no-fishing MPAs do not belong in the U.S. 30x30 plan.

4. Citizens of the Sea

Wild Oceans

Biodiversity goals must not disenfranchise the ocean's most passionate advocates.

5. The 30x30 Initiative: What Anglers Need to Know

International Gamefish Association

A summary of 30x30 with the key objectives needed in order to achieve balance.

6. 30×30: A Place at the Table

Saltwater Sportsman

A wholesale approach to 30x30 must be inclusive.

7. The 30 by 30 Movement

Marlin Magazine

This faction could have long-term effects on recreational angling.

8. Science Advises Against No-Catch MPAs

Pacific Coast Sportfishing

Why numerous studies advise that that no-catch MPAs are not the solution for U.S. waters.

9. Lessons Learned From Early 30x30 Efforts


A saltwater sportfishing perspective on U.S. fisheries, 30x30, and MPA expansion.

10. Flawed MPA Science Retracted

Sustainable Fisheries

Retraction of flawed MPA study implicates larger problems in MPA science.

Additional Resources

Science Advises Fishery Management Over MPAs

BD Outdoors breaks down the nationwide 30x30 effort, concluding that current U.S. fishery management practices — not MPAs — are the key to protecting overall fishery productivity.

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Join America's hunters and anglers in the fight to protect our outdoor heritage and support global ​biodiversity.

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