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AFTCO and the CCA, Coastal Conservation Association, are committed to marine conservation and angler rights.  Through the leadership of the Coastal Conservation Association and participation of local community chapters, the protection of our marine resources and the interests of anglers will ensure a sustainable fishery for generations to come. $5 Donations from the sale of the CCA performance fishing shirts or fishing hats will be used to fund CCA conservation efforts nationwide. CCA Shirts are made of the same high quality fabrics that are used for AFTCO performance shirts and not only will Angler's assist in helping sustain the future populations of our fisheries, but, all Angler's can benefit from the technical advantages that these Coastal Conservation Association Shirts were made for, helping our community be out on the water longer and hooking up on fish.  Wear your CCA Shirt with pride and know that you're helping build a better place for the sports fishing community.