AFTCO Support of the CCA

AFTCO Support of the CCA

In 2014, AFTCO was instrumental in getting the CCA of California (CCA CAL) established, but AFTCO’s involvement with the CCA started long before then

In 1985, CCA founder Walter Fondren and CCA attorney Bob Hayes started a group called United Sport Fishermen (USF). The group consisted of sportfishing leaders from around the country including AFTCO’s Bill Shedd and businessman Bill Ray. Shedd and Ray learned a lot from Fondren and Hayes, and soon after decided to start United Anglers of Southern California (UASC) to mirror what the CCA was doing in Texas.

Fast forward to 2014 when, after almost 30 successful years of fishing rights advocacy, the UASC ultimately folded in large part due to a vigorous and unsuccessful battle over the California Marine Life Protective Act (MLPA) issue. At that time, Shedd received several calls from other California sportfishing leaders asking if another group should be started. Shedd called for a meeting of eight leaders to convene at AFTCO to answer that question. During that first gathering, they defined what the group would look like and what it needed to accomplish. The more they talked about the specifics of what a successful organization might look like, the more they recognized it looked like CCA. They wanted an organization that supported pro fishery legislation, initiated important scientific studies, created critical fish habitats and worked towards prohibiting destructive commercial fishing gear. So, they asked CCA to send the group more information and to answer a set of specific questions. After several additional meetings at AFTCO, the group invited CCA President Pat Murray out to meet and CCA CAL was established. Since 2014, CCA CAL has worked towards the conservation and enhancement of our marine resources and coastal environments from the perspective of California sport fishermen.

The key to any organization is its people. The newly formed CCA CAL’s first task was to assemble a group of respected leaders from the fishing community that included industry insiders, media, conservationists and anglers. A testament to the reputation of CCA and its early representatives is that of the original 25 people Shedd asked to be on the board, all but two accepted. As the current chairman of CCA CAL, Shedd and AFTCO continue to support CCA CAL in several ways, including overall leadership, making financial contributions and encouraging others to do the same, creating partnerships with other sportfishing organizations and more.

“The AFTCO role with CCA has been a positive experience that is good for anglers, the marine resource and CCA. The CCA is made up of talented people who care and Pat Murray, Robert Taylor and the entire staff at CCA National have been more supportive and helpful than I could have ever imagined,” says Shedd.




"AFTCO has been helping drive and support ocean conservation long before it became a popular marketing strategy. Ocean conservation is literally a part of their core culture and is embedded in every program, campaign and product they create. AFTCO continues to not only pioneer outdoor clothing and fishing gear but more importantly, they set the pace for all of the industry in making sure that marine resources are healthier tomorrow than they are today.”




San Diego, California


"AFTCO has been helping drive and support ocean conservation long before it became a popular marketing strategy."


AFTCO Chairman Bill Shedd at Hubbs-SeaWorld Research Institute


Most recently, CCA CAL and Hubbs-SeaWorld Research Institute are running their white seabass and halibut hatchery programs. They continue to fight the state to allow the continuation of artificial reefs to be placed off the California coast and are working to protect not only the health, habitat and sustainability of our marine resources, but also the interests of recreational saltwater anglers and their access to the resources they cherish and use every day.


CCA CAL Conservation Victories

  • Fought against destructive fishing gear that hurts our resources, including longlines, gillnets and other destructive forms of commercial fishing equipment.
  • Supported the expansion of finfish hatchery programs, like the successful Hubb’s SeaWorld Research Program.
  • Fought to keep Pacific Bluefin from becoming listed as an endangered species, instead leading the charge with the science community on Bluefin tagging and research to ultimately establish a more accurate sexual maturity age.
  • Fought for artificial and restoration reefs.


CCA CAL Fights to Keep Fishing Access for Recreational Anglers

  • Continuing the fight against fishing tackle and lead bans.
  • Protecting against unfair fishing regulations.
  • Supporting programs to increase fishing opportunities.


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