AFTCO Headwear: Fishing Visors, Fishing Hats & Fishing Sun Masks. AFBLOCK sun masks with UV protection and an antimicrobial coating block more than 99 % of UV Rays. Our saltwater fishing visors and offshore fishing hats offer both sun protection and stain resistance with AFGUARD DWR stain resistant coatings. AFTCO gives you headwear to meet any condition or need. Looking for the ultimate sun protection? The convertible guide hat or Fish Ninja™ hood sun mask keep your entire neck and head protected from the sun. For those looking to maximize airflow and ventilation, AFTCO has married a fishing visor with a fishing trucker hat to produce the GO Trucker visor.

Grandfather Milt Shedd, son Bill Shedd and grandson Casey Shedd, share quality family time.