The Combination Handle-Reel Seat That Revolutionized The Trolling Rod!
Colors Available: (SLV) Silver, (B) Black, (BG) Black/Gold, (BS) Black/Silver, (SG) Silver/Gold, (BSHG) Black/Shimano® Gold (Product details, sizes and weight below)
AFTCO tackle products available only through authorized AFTCO dealers.
AFTCO Tackle Part Numbering System Example:A #UB1 Short in Silver,
would be an UNIBUTTS 1 SLV (Part# + Size + Color)


Aftco Unibutts are the combination handle-reel seat that revolutionized trolling rod butts. Unibutt fishing rod butts are formed from the finest marine alloy using AFTCO's unique "swaging" process (see additional info section), the ONE-PIECE Unibutt® aluminum fishing rod butt and reel seat is "unitized" for maximum strength and minimum weight. The aligning pin-plug, gimbal and fixed hood are locked in permanent alignment so that gimbal, reel and rod guides always line up perfectly. The ferrules are precision-machined to ensure complete interchangeability of rod tip sections, and an "O" Ring on the ferrule prevents corrosion between ferrule and reel seat. A *Teflon® ring inside the collet nut assures a snug fit, prevents galling, and allows easy removal of the nut. Stronger, lighter and simpler, AFTCO Unibutts® are available in Silver, Black,Black/Gold, Black/Silver, Silver/Gold, Black/Shimano® Gold anodized finishes.

Straight Models
#UB1 Short4-lb. to 30-lb.14 oz.17.16".750".838"UBS1
#UB14-lb. to 30-lb.15.5 oz.19.16".750".838"UB1
#UB2* Short30-lb. to 50-lb.16 oz.17.76".875".970"UBS2
#UB2* 30-lb. to 50-lb.18 oz.19.76".875".970"UB2
#UB480-lb.25 oz.22.82"1.000"1.133"UB4
#UB6130-lb. to Unlimited.32 oz.23.45"1.188"1.336"UB6
Curved Models
#UB2SC* Short30-lb. to 80-lb.18 oz.19.76".875".970"UBSC2
#UB2C* 30-lb. to 50-lb.25 oz.26.76".875".970"UBC2
#UB4C 80-lb.30 oz.27.83"1.000"1.133"UBC4
#UB4SC 80-lb.25 oz.22.82"1.000"1.133"UBSC4
#UB6C 130-lb. to Unlimited.37 oz.28.44"1.188"1.336"UBC6

*All #2 Unibutts and Storabutts feature hoods that willaccommodate most size "80" reels.
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