Salt water Fishing Clothing by AFTCO features a broad range of fishing apparel and accessories for men. What started as a high end, American made, big game fishing tackle brand has developed into a full range of men's fishing clothing. The AFTCO clothing brand is the most well-known for the AFTCO M01 original short series, the world’s first pair of offshore fishing shorts. AFTCO fishing clothes are constructed from unique AFTECH fabrics, featuring a full line of performance fishing boardshorts, sun protection and technical clothing, t-shirts, hats, outwear and even performance underwear. The AFTCO clothing brand has come to represent a modern styling layered on top of dependable gear that can withstand the on the water challenges faced while saltwater fishing.

Milt Shedd with a spaghetti tag. From 1963 – 1966 Milt organized the tagging of several thousand albacore, bluefin & marlin, as well as 30,000 anchovies. In 1977, he was the first to sonic tag a swordfish.